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Aerosol products



The aerosol plant of FRIKE GROUP processes cosmetic and chemical products. In Switzerland, this specific aerosol know-how is hard to find and FRIKE GROUP has built up and kept this knowledge over the past decades.


Forms and formats

Our Aerosol plant can handle These galenic forms:

  • Aerosols
  • Aerosols bag-on-valve


Our aerosol plant can handle these packaging formats:

Bottles (all sorts of tops, also pumps)                20ml          1000ml
Aerosol cans (also bag-on-valve)25ml750ml



Product examples

  • impregnating spray
  • insecticide
  • desinfection spray
  • air freshener
  • deodorant
  • sun protection spray
  • shaving gel
  • shaving foam
  • hair spray
  • styling foam
  • water spray
  • oil spray



    The aerosol production is ISO-certified:

    • ISO 9001
    • ISO 22716 (Kosmetik GMP-Standard)

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