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Procurement services

Raw materials

The FRIKE GROUP manages strategic volume and procurement planning for all raw materials centrally. Minimum purchase quantities, bulk discounts, the strategic selection of supply sources and the pooling of orders – all these factors play an important role. Procurement covers everything from minimal volumes for fragrances, colourings and active ingredients to tanker volumes for commodities such as solvents and tensides. Naturally, all raw materials are stored in line with regulatory requirements.

Packaging materials

Customer requirements are the priority when it comes to packaging materials. Our consultants are proficient in conventional packaging concepts and are accustomed to working with custom requirements, too. Thanks to many years of experience, we have succeeded in optimising special requirements in terms of application and costs. Achieving a satisfactory end result depends, to a large extent, on using the right combination of primary and secondary containers – a factor that is taken into consideration as early as the concept development stage.

Due to excellent international links and the pooling of orders, the FRIKE GROUP can procure raw materials and packaging materials for you at a very good price.

Minimum order quantities

As a point of principle, small volumes are always possible. To achieve competitive prices, we recommend order sizes starting from 10,000 items or 500kg of bulk material, depending on fill volume. Raw materials and packaging can also be provided.